Tenmile Walkaloosas

Producing Walkaloosas with exceptional temperament, intelligence, stamina, conformation, color and gait.

In summer of 2021, we were honored to host Alyssa from Discover the Horse! 

In her quest to ride every breed of horse, we collaborated to showcase the Walkaloosa breed. Watch the Quest Episode now and discover the Walkaloosa!

When you want the best, breed to the best! 

We are an internationally accomplished Walkaloosa breeding program, with over 38 years and an outstanding reputation for quality and honesty behind us. Most of our horses sell as foals, often to other breeders, and have homes worldwide, including Switzerland and Puerto Rico.

We believe this is a wonderful breed and strive to produce top quality horses with all the great attributes of both the Appaloosa breed and Gaited Horse breeds. We have a preference for TWH & MFT for their gait influence, but some of our Walkaloosas are all Appaloosa bloodlines. 

We are several generations into breeding Walkaloosas and use extensive DNA testing to produce some of the only Walkaloosa horses that are homozygous for the DMRT3 gait gene as well as loud Appaloosa color. 

We also have 100% color producing stock with at least one copy of the gait gene. All of our horses are registered with the Walkaloosa Horse Association and we have worked closely with them over the years to improve and promote Walkaloosa horses worldwide.

We are located in Southwestern Oregon, but we are happy to help arrange shipping for our horses.